Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live worry free, with not a care in the world, just live. I often wonder what the trick to life is, I mean really is there a shortcut, or maybe a “Life for Dummies” manual that I could read to get a handle on this thing. Yet one of the most vital lessons that I’ve begin to learn is that you must learn to be comfortable with being yourself. Sometimes that seems so simple in word and thought but reality seems to create conflict with our personal views of ourselves leaving us drifting between who we think we are and how we actually see ourselves.

I remember a few years back when I first became interested in philosophy and came across Rene Decartes “Cogito Ergo Sum” which translates “I think therefore I am”, at that time though such a simple concept it intrigued me as complex, but little did I know the magnitude behind it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not some magical phrase, yet it does carry significance. Let’s view it this way, I have come across people in life that just knew who they were and what they stood for.To most people they were considered conceited or arrogant, which I must say made me question where is the line between confidence and arrogance. Then as I begin to mature, I realized that what most people see externally is only the reflection of what a person believes internally. So at this point I became more interested to why people felt so strongly and begin to evaluate what gave them the audacity to feel such a way.

So what I found was that everything mattered to them, they were complete introverts, (not excluding extroversion) holding themselves accountable for every action, decision and habit. One day speaking with one of my friends on the topic of what would be an example of something that just boost your confidence, and he looked at me like that’s easy, running half-marathons, and working toward a full marathon. He stated that the concept of it was simply pushing himself to achieve a goal, as well build his physical health which in-turn also boost mental health. Then as we continued to talk I noticed the emphasis he placed upon disciplining himself and his pure determination to be more, and not what society would try to label him, and at this point I must honestly say some inferiority crept in just observing the actions that matched the words.

That day seem to change my life in the sense that I understand that talking is irrelevant if I’m not going to put my words to action. I think that’s where a lot of societies problems lie, due to being extreme extroverts. I mean some people can describe other peoples’ lives as if they were reading their biographies, yet stumble telling their story. On the other hand many people are excellent talkers, but ineffective in taking action, as if that great idea will bring itself to fruition. So to understand Rene Decartes phrase “I think therefore I am” we must take into account the “I Think” part of the phrase requires actions that ultimately push one to believe and see themselves in that positive light which then allows for the “Therefore I am” to be realized.




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