Myself and I (The Discussion)



I had a talk with myself the other day, I know crazy right,

Standing there looking at this guy in the mirror, kind of a crazy sight,

But the absurd part of it all was when he said I don’t understand your plight,

Thinking, wait take a moment, let me say this right,


I was just trying to wash my hands yet here you go intruding,

Always finding a way to draw your own conclusions,

Aye we’re one in the same, and now you’re cropping solutions,

Just drop it man I need no more confusion,


Now don’t try to dismiss me, like you said we’re one in the same,

I mean what more can I say to you to make it plain,

Those tough decisions you refer to, I was there, it was your mind that wouldn’t change,

Now you want to stand here as if I’m the one to blame,


No not blaming, just want to state some facts,

And maybe a couple times I ignored you, yet no need for the self-righteous act,

I’m saying have you been here with me down this path, oh I get it memory lapse,

Or maybe it was hypnosis, in need of a finger snap,


Oh I get it, you’re a comedian now,

Don’t let me forget to laugh, and even raise my brow,

But let us not forget you threw out those seeds and forgot to plow,

Now you’re questioning no growth through your rain as if it were the clouds,


Ok, I understand, now lets call it a truce,

You made yourself valid it the points that you introduce,

Don’t undermined yourself, you’re not to be reduced,

Neither to live in the world like a recluse,


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