I’m going to change the world he said,

Devil on his left, angel to his right, his thoughts in the middle swirling in dread,

Haunted by his words as he told himself I got this,

Now realizing all the knowledge once acquired still left him with the feeling of ignorance is bliss,


Locked away in his study, just the breeze from an open window as he began to write,

Each line felt like another enemy slain as if his pen were Excalibur, and he the knight,

With his thoughts now catapulting him up, down, left and right with such a driven inspiration,

All fueled by the deepest thoughts of a societies indignation,


1, 2, 3 hours, 4 sat he there surrounded by silence,

Words on the page now formed a flowing ocean of thoughts, as his study had become an island,

A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, as to the left of his desk he pulls out a Macanudo from its’ humidor,

Marvin Gayes “What’s Going On” now playing in the background, a mental pause he said to himself as he reached over to close the wine cabinets door,


All of a sudden a bang, a flash feeling now as if he were drifting away,

Everything now illuminated brightly, as he floated thinking to himself what is this place,

Just a moment ago I sat alone in my study, trying to compose a perfect work of art,

Don’t remember going to sleep, am I dreaming, now feeling his chest questioning why can’t I feel my heart,


Am I dead, what is this, did I just complete my final chapter,

Now lost in limbo, thinking of all the things in his life he wished he could recapture,

No you’re not dead just resting he heard, yet as he looked no one stood in sight,

Not typically afraid, but this time there was a genuine state of fright,


Why am I here, what did I do, I just was trying to play my part,

Now I’m here, not knowing where here is and I can’t even feel my heart,

Uneased by the sound of nothing, just a chill as a gust of wind breezed by,

Where am I, he asked again and again, yet still there was no reply,


Up above him, the clouds cleared as if they were curtains and a movie began to roll,

All too familiar to him, considering he was the starring role,

Chapter after chapter, scene after scene, an up close encounter with his life,

Realizing to change the world begins with his world, every morning the story he continues to write.


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